Today the family and I headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Byrd Park is the site of one of our favorite art events, Arts in the Park. It’s a great way to kick off Spring, and all you need to bring with you is some money to buy some ice cream, and an ability to ignore the sneezing you will probably be doing, as Spring is allergy season around these parts.

We meandered around the tents and looked for a new piece of art to join our home. We found two artists that are trying to work with us to create something special for our space, so we had a productive outing. We didn’t bring Lexi which is a shame because she would have had plenty of dog-watching to do there. It was a great day!

As we wandered around, I passed by my former doctor. My favorite doctor. The doctor who always treated me with respect and kindness no matter how busy I know she was. The doctor that I haven’t seen in almost 11 years because she stopped practicing to spend more time with her kids. So I just passed on without stopping to say Hi because I knew she wouldn’t recognize me. I didn’t want to bother her on this beautiful day. But we passed her again later and she recognized me, and I was like someone with a crush. It was funny and completely understandable, too. I introduced her to my family, and she was so friendly and warm. She is just one of those truly special people that you feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with. How often do you find yourself feeling that way about someone? I wish I encountered more people like that, but even more than that, I wish I was one of those people.

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