It seems that I’m living with one of the next great minds. My daughter comes up with something out of the ordinary every day, and her ideas are just strange enough to be brilliant, albeit unconventional, solutions to all sorts of situations or problems. For example:

When she texted me the bit about the chickens and the shoes and the cheese (French, of course) earlier in the day, I initially brushed it aside as yet another of her strange and amusing ramblings until I thought carefully about the genius of it all. Who among us has not found some moldy cheese in the fridge that we had to just throw away? And here is the solution. Shine your shoes with it! Voilà! It makes perfect sense that the waxiness of the cheese would impart some sweet shine to your shoes and impress all who behold them. Brava, my odd offspring! I will absolutely be paying very close attention to all future utterings from my daughter. Who knows what she’s going to solve next? If only I had been paying closer attention to past suggestions as I’m sure that I’ve missed something vital.

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