• If you are a ‘Breaking Bad’ fan and you have ever played one of the LEGO games, you are probably going to be watching this as I did…..gleefully. I had a giant grin on my face and found myself clapping my hands unconsciously at multiple points because of the attention to detail.

  • Certainly Donald Trump knew he wasn’t going to come out on top in a skirmish with Jon Stewart, right? But he didn’t let common sense get in the way. Dear The Donald, set your sights on people in your IQ range. It gives you a better chance at success.
  • Speaking of skirmishes, the Twitter war #followateen and #followanadult is on and I vacillate between bemused and amused. But mostly amused. Probably because I’ve not been followed yet (I’m far too boring) and my son is not on Twitter. If my son was older and was on Twitter? I’d probably be in a world of hurt. But I’d dish it right back, people!
  • Oh yeah, I had one of those accounts. Does this make me a hipster if I resurrect that bad boy? It’s a rhetorical question as I couldn’t remember the details of that account if I wanted to.

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