Look, I get that you can’t have stall doors open outward in public bathrooms. At least most of them need to open inward so people don’t get cold-cocked left and right when all they’re trying to do is attend to an errand. You have a bunch of stall doors opening out instead of in, and there’s a bunch of bodies laying there on the tile (EW!!!!) watching little blue birdies twirling ’round their noggin while they try to return their head contents to an unscrambled state. You get your next rush of incoming all stumbling over the inert forms lying here and there. It’s complete madness. I get it. But don’t you think the designers could maybe add an extra foot (or even two), so I don’t have to seriously consider stepping up onto the toilet seat in order to swing the door inward and exit the stall? I’m a germophobe, so I’m already dealing with this  specialty center of germ and bacteria origination and cultivation. In addition to that hurdle, I’m battling a small case of claustrophobia just trying to figure out how to navigate out of the stall. It’s not good is what I’m saying.

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