Another season of ‘Project Runway’ is over. I get a chunk of time back which I’m sure I’ll just reallocate to something else equally unproductive but enjoyable.

  • I think Michelle is crazy talented and I love love loved her collection, but I find her difficult to like because she was just so actively catty to all the others. She’s one of those people that you think is so fun to be around until you focus on all that schadenfreude. Yet, she is the person that whines and rails at any perceived slight or injustice that she suffers which is when you realize she’s toxic. Her win was certainly justified, but it definitely could have happened to a nicer person. But again, I LOVED her collection.
  • Patricia’s collection was the most creative in my opinion. But Patricia’s collection wasn’t cohesive or marketable. It’s been obvious that Nina Garcia hasn’t been feeling Patricia’s designs, but she really seems contemptuous of Patricia so that has made me root for her (Patricia, that is) despite the fact that she’s not quite there in terms of mainstream fashion.
  • Stanley just choked. I thought he was the frontrunner by the slightest degree, so I was shocked to see how badly he failed. Nina was clearly trying so hard to sell Stanley over Patricia which was irritating. She was the only one that really had anything positive to say about his collection.

Could Zac Posen be more adorable? He’s been one of the bright spots of the season, and his smile is absolutely irresistible. I love his commentary, and I hate that Michael Kors will almost certainly be back next season to take his place though he was a spectacular guest judge. Because it can never be said too much, I love Tim Gunn! I love Heidi, too. But Tim is my favorite. One other note. I LOVE to listen to Nina speak. I don’t really care for her — SO CONDESCENDING!, but I could listen to her talk all day long.

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