And took it away in one episode! GOOD GRIEF! Typically all you see is the “Virginia is the backwards armpit of the U.S.” meme illustrated in the people who are cast for reality TV. And then the N.Va. people have to kick it into overdrive to disassociate themselves repeatedly and heatedly with the rest of the state (appropriately in the case of the D.C. peeps who aren’t actually in VA) because VA is known as one of the dumbass locales of the U.S. These VA people they continue to cast just keep the stereotype alive. But Project Runway finally changed it up with Angela Bacskocky. And then they punted her. I had to watch cute Zac Posen hate on her, and then they gave her the boot. Oh, how it burns.

And what’s with the hate on for Virginia anyway? Why does everyone assume that we are all named Jessup and have a mouth that contains approximately 10 teeth? We all take meth regularly. We’d produce it except none of us are smart enough to Walter White it. We all cook with mayonnaise and lard on the regular. We are all married to second or third cousins, and have 5 kids, all named Junior or Sally Beth. We have one or two farm animals running around on our property, and we haven’t bathed in as many days as the animals have. I completely understand the N.Va. people wanting to break off from us. I wouldn’t want to be associated with such a narrow perspective either continually having to argue that there’s more depth here. We’re more nuanced and smarter than you’ve been led to believe. We have people here that actually care about the political climate and that are all over the map on their views. People that have used that grey matter housed in their head to form opinions as varied as those you’ll see in other parts of the country. Of course, that’s not as interesting a story as the one reality TV is trying to sell. So, thanks for bucking the trend, Project Runway!! /soapbox rant

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  1. Amy


    I feel your pain. I’m from Western Pennsylvania. My husband was born and raised for half his childhood in Connecticut and New Jersey of Connecticut parents. There are moments when I see the glaze of, “These people…” start to form over my in-laws’ “New England” eyes when dealing with ridiculous people of western PA. I don’t think they believe there’s a version of this in Connecticut. People are people.

    I know someone who assumes every woman from Virginia and West Virginia is a country girl. Just realized it a couple weeks ago and I stifled a giggle as my WV friend tried to explain that no, she really isn’t a country girl.

    • Reply

      You know I’m lucky because my husband has to deal with it worse than I do, and I never realized it until I read your comment. His whole family is very intelligent, and I’m sure when people ask where he’s from he watches jaws drop. I will pay much closer attention next time I’m around when this happens. It’s definitely ridiculous. FWIW I wouldn’t think anything of you being from western PA, but then I’m from Richmond. 😉 Solidarity sister!

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