I just saw this poor woman trip while traveling up an escalator. She looked away and hastily exited the area after retrieving her fallen lunch, and if she had looked up at me, she would have seen that I wasn’t laughing but empathizing with her. One time in college, I was walking in front of this hill where many of the students congregated. I trip-walked OUT OF MY SHOE and tried to nonchalantly play it off by CONTINUING ON MY WAY, DOWN A SHOE! Then, I had to go back with my tail between my legs and retrieve my shoe while listening to the sounds of laughter. This brings us to the most important lesson when dealing with the fallout (Yeah? Will you give me this one? No? FINE!) of a trip. ALWAYS take all detritus from the tripping scene away with you immediately. You will not want to return to the scene of the crime. I should have saved this little tidbit for next week’s entry when I unveil my infographic for what you should do when you trip.

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  1. bluegoostudios


    Did you do that infographic?!

    True story, during my sophomore year of college, I was walking to class at night in the midst of an ice storm. As I crossed the street, my foot slid really, really quickly towards the gutter. I thrust my body forward in an effort to get my balance back but managed to fall forward with all my weight (including probably 50 lbs of music theory books) onto my right knee. I may have screamed. Something like, “Geeh, OWWW!!!” may have flew out of my mouth. On the other side of the street? Laughter. Unabashed laughter. Did anyone come to my aid? NOOO!! They had not seen your infographic. You are doing the community a much needed service.

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      They clearly had no common sense, as you could have been injured! Did they NOT hear your “Geeh, OWWW” scream? The infographic clearly calls for verification of your health. I’m worried for them. Seriously. Dumbasses! And it sounds suspiciously of HEARTY laughter. For shame, people! For shame!

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      Oh, and yes I did do the infographic. I thoroughly researched the clinical terms for private parts so as not to offend anyone.

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