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I’m cold-natured. If everyone around me is wearing one layer, I’m probably wearing two. OK, sometimes there’s a stealth layer. I’m big enough to admit it. I might add a scarf, too. And gloves. Fingerless. Because I need to be productive at work, yo. If it’s atypically cold and my body hasn’t had time to adjust, I gotta pull out the crazy-cold formula to determine how many layers to apply before venturing out of the house. Recently, people around me have been wearing two layers

This is my Christmas present. A bit delayed, but I’m not mad, you guys. I will be practicing my benevolent negligence approach to family interactions for a few months because shit is getting ready to go down, y’all. Check it. The following shows are coming (or coming back after a little breather) in January: The Americans Parks & Rec Portlandia It’s Always Sunny Top Chef Ultimate Survival Alaska Survivor and the Amazing Race come back in late February (DON’T JUDGE!), and

I’m a huge tennis fan. Some people might say I’m a rabid fan. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that, I would imagine that if I bit you, you might get a shot. “Doc, she was foaming at the mouth. Well, not foaming per se, but there was a suggestion of foam. A touch o’ the foam. Foam-like. Foamish. Just give me the damn shot, doc.” Yes, I’m going somewhere with this. Settle. So, I friended JT’s tennis coach who was

Our furnace has entered our family into a scientific experiment without asking our permission first. And I KNOW I didn’t sign any waiver indicating my acceptance of a frozen state as a consequence of participating (UNWILLINGLY) in this stupid medical trial. You’ve overstepped your bounds, furnace!! But regardless, we are running an experiment all the same as we await a replacement part for our furnace. So now we meet every descent down to the first floor with a quick rundown of the best, most

So, I had a brainstorm that involved me breaking up with Topamax. It wasn’t the Topamax. It was me. I just didn’t like the way I felt when I was around the Topamax, etc. and so forth. So, I took Topamax out for a cup of coffee and told it that we were through, and I thought I caught a smirk on Topamax’s cap, but I just assumed that Topamax was feeling confident that it could change my mind during

I’m not a patient person, but after my dream the night before Halloween, I knew patience would be required. After all it was Dave Grohl. And they are just releasing an album. So, he probably has some work to do to get himself unhinged from the band and all. I can wait. I’ve got to get my family prepared for the lengthy road tour we’re about to launch. I should probably give more backstory here. See, I dreamed that Dave Grohl,