My mother is hanging out with the kids this last day before school starts while I’m in the office. I come down dressed for work.
Momma: (Yes, this is what I still call her. And I still call my father, Daddy. Surprisingly, I’ve never been to a therapist since I would imagine I’ve got lots of cool things to discuss, but I bet my kids will have one they see regularly when they grow up.) Is that what you’re wearing? Is the office cold?
Me: Yes, freezing!! Plus, DUH, I look great!
Momma and JT: ……
Me: Verification, please.
Momma and JT: ……
An alarm sounds. WARNING: Ego is overinflated!! Please deflate instantly to prevent catastrophe!!
JT: You look like Amelia Earhart.

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  1. bluegoostudios


    Not many people can pull off the “Earhart.” I say wear it with pride.

    • Reply

      As the day wore on, I became more and more confident. This correlated directly to the amount of people left in the office as the day wore on. The Friday before a holiday weekend felt like it needed Bob Marley’s “Exodus” playing on constant loop. By the time I left I was ROCKING the “Earhart”! 🙂

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