I don’t care that you don’t think his behavior warrants jail time. Sure, he didn’t kill a man in Reno, but I imagine that’s next on his to do list.

DUDE, DON’T DO THAT!!! I will hurl. I will totally spew everywhere. Also, this image of you doing the unspeakable has haunted a nightly nightmare since I saw it four days ago.


Good GOD man, are you kidding me???

I took to my bed when I saw this story and wished that bad things would happen to this fella’s food for many many years to come. When I have a suspicion that someone has even breathed on my food, I usually take a pass on eating it. Sure, I’m strange, but to think that this kind of stuff is taking place…? Look, I can’t even deal with a world where this is allowed to happen, y’all. It’s not right. We deserve better. I may never eat again unless I’ve prepared the food. And that introduces a whole other set of problems. Boo!

Feed my skull resident...

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  1. Mary Beth


    well actually – you cannot be sure where the food came from in a restaurant. You are better off these days to cook at home. Or in your case make a pbj sandwich. 😛

    • Reply

      I know you are right. Can I come to your house to eat? 😉 I’ve seen your FB posts and know you’re a great cook!

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