I let Lexi out to do her business, and when I peeked outside thinking she was probably ready to come in, I saw this:


Yeah, that’s a dog standing on a dining table. I apologize for the terrible framing of the picture, but I had to scramble to find the camera to get this shot before she jumped down to pretend that she’d never been up there.


She jumped down from there like she’d done it before which is interesting because when she exits from the car she acts like she’s all concerned about getting down. So the audition for ‘Jackass’ should go well since she’s obviously got the acting skills. Clearly she moved up to the dining table after realizing this table shown below was for rookies.

IMG_7045This is a rope swing with a dog on it:


I told you about how she can climb up into the playhouse of the swingset in this post.


This dog loves to perform stupid tricks. Tricks that don’t have any real purpose. It reminds me of ‘Jackass’ and much like watching one of those movies, I’m continually balancing my reaction between laughing and wondering when emergency medical personnel need to become involved.

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