I’m going to start a new thing where I post some of my favorite songs. Just because. And there will be many. This might be a strange start, but I love Blurryface as much as I loved Vessel. So with a two album run, it’s as good a place as any.

I have a completely unrelated story to tell, too. Because what would a blog post of mine be if it didn’t ramble and twist and turn before getting to its point? So, I went to the eye doc today. And part of the check-in process involved answering questions that had zero relevance in my opinion, and I suspect, yours to the task at hand. For example, I had to select my race, my marital status, and I was so floored by those two that the third escapes me. I answered these questions because I wasn’t given a option to refrain from answering, and because I suspected that I was being watched. And to these intrusive questions I say, “What the what?!?” I expect to answer two questions at the eye doctor:
1. Do you have eyes?
2. Do you have insurance?
That is all. I don’t see what having a husband has to do with my eyes. Are they wondering if I can see him? The whole business was just strange. And invasive. I seriously wish I could remember that third question. It was as irrelevant as the first two. I felt like I was going to be sent to a special room based on my answers.

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