It’s only fair that I start with this band. It’s been my longest love affair, after all. I discovered The Police on my own, and they received my adoration for a full four years before I transferred some of my devotion to The Smiths and demoted The Police to second place, so I could give Morrissey the attention he deserved. I cursed MTV for not airing their videos more often. You did NOT want to be the person who interrupted me during any viewing of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” because Sting delivering that devilish grin of his at 3:12 was just pure hotness. I considered any interruptions to be punishable by days of sullen teenage acting out. I’m not exaggerating as much as you’d think. It’s not like we had DVR shit back then, people. I had to wait for the video to run again. It was the DARK AGES!!
Favorite Album: Regatta de Blanc
Favorite Album: Zenyatta Mondatta [Ed. Note: I had to override the choice. I’ll probably be back to override again with Ghost in the Machine. So gloriously atmospheric. But those are the ones in a basic 3-way tie.]

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