Lexi is back and seems nice and healthy and may have even added a layer of rambunctiousness that she didn’t possess before. I’m so relieved about that. Puppies are almost too laid back so it’s a relief to have things dialed up a bit because sanity is overrated.

IMG_7348I don’t know about the pack she ran with in the pet hospital, but they seem to have convinced her that she was in the joint. She keeps asking me for smokes and I could swear I heard her say, “and make it fast, bitch.” I’m sure I misheard her though. I mean she was only in there for 28 hours. They couldn’t have turned her that fast, could they? She did request that I take her down to the tat place because she wanted to see about getting something to decorate her shaved leg where they stuck her. I told her it was an IV, but she was fairly insistent that she was shooting up with her homies and shaved herself to make it easier to find a vein. To tell you the truth, I’m a little afraid of her but when she acquiesces I hug her for hours just to convince myself that she’s really back.

Feed my skull resident...

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      Me too!! I’m embarrassed to admit how much I missed her since it was only 28 hours that she was in the hospital. I’m also embarrassed to admit that I know it was 28 hours.

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