Lexi and I dropped off the kids for a visit with their grandmother yesterday. Except for the one mad dog scene when she threw the total hissy fit, and we squealed (us, not the tires) and immediately pit stopped only for her to expel a few measly drops of piss, I’d score her fairly high as a road trip partner. I think she was toying with us, the little rat! Yo, human pack, guess who’s in charge? We peed and pooped her right before we left. I mean, come on, it’s not like we are rookies. GOD! But still we had to stop in the middle of the hour and 20 minute drive for that spectacle. She’s definitely a teen! But, other than that, it was pretty cool roadtripping with her.IMG_1218

I tried to get some pictures to commemorate our little jaunt, but she wouldn’t agree to pose. She kept insisting that I hand her the phone so she could take selfies. I finally gave in since I was only able to get one shot of her. Of course she’s a teen, so she took a selfie of her butt. Delightful. Ahhh, the teen years. I can’t wait for JT to get there. It was fun watching Lexi deal with the wind coming through the open windows. She’s got to learn normal dog behavior since her current way to handle the wind is to try to eat it.

The main thing I was anticipating with this trip was the promise of a car concert. As I mentioned previously, I don’t often get big chunks of time in which to perform, so I was eagerly awaiting this opportunity. So, on the way back, I performed a more sedate* car concert than I was originally intending as Lexi decided that she wanted to nap instead of crowd-surf. Here’s our playlist:

  • Breakdown – Seether
  • Creep – Radiohead
  • Big Eyed Fish – Dave Matthews Band
  • World Leader Pretend – R.E.M
  • Watching the Detectives – Elvis Costello**
  • Letting the Cables Sleep – Bush
  • Naked Eye – Luscious Jackson
  • Fine Again – Seether
  • Drive – Incubus
  • Ship of Fools – World Party
  • Drift & Die – Puddle of Mudd
  • Always – Saliva
  • Steal My Sunshine – Len
  • My Favorite Mistake – Sheryl Crow

*The butts-in-their-seats concert AKA the they-can’t-be-bothered-to-stand-up-and-dance-because-they-just-aren’t-feeling-the-music concert, or the this-is-serious-music-people-you-DON’T-stand-during-serious-music concert, or the this-is-serious-music-is-my-cover-but-geez!-could-this-music-suck-more?!?-I’m-certainly-not-wasting-energy-by-standing concert, or the I’m-old-and-my-back-is-hurting concert. Look, I’m not judging on that last one. Have you seen this post?

**Lexi perked up during “Watching the Detectives,” and I can only imagine that there is something buried in one of those holes she has dug out in the backyard. I tried not to think too hard about the implications of this since our backyard neighbors just recently found a nest of wee bunnies just mere inches from the fence that separates us. Run away, wee bunnies, run away!!! Of course, if they are like the bunny of Monty Python fame, we’ve got a problem of another flavor.

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