Of course, I’m talking about the Despicable Me minions since they are seriously entertaining little dudes. I need some of those little fellas in my household. Don’t we all? Of course we do. I would want to have a limited number of them, and I think it goes without saying that I want nothing to do with the purple hellions. I’d say no more than 6 because they can be awfully destructive, and I think you could contain the destruction if you only had 6 of them. I’d assign 2 of them to house duties. I’d assign 1 of them to Lexi potty patrol. I’d assign 1 of them to chauffeur duty. Obviously this could be dangerous since it’s apparent they aren’t so great with the driving and/or navigation skills, but my theory is that occurs when there are two or more of them. The other 2 would be around purely for entertainment value. Ahhhh, I can dream. Those little buggers are super funny.

I have to say that I thought DM2 was better than the first. I laughed throughout the entire movie to the utter dismay of my neighbors, JT and my father. What a terrific movie. I will buy it as soon as it’s available.

UPDATE: Dang, JT pointed out that you have to have 2 minions driving as they are short cuties who can’t reach the pedals on their own. So, scratch the chauffeur duty.

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