Jack’s Back!

Matthew asked me if I wanted to watch 24:Live Another Day, and my response was lukewarmish, although I sat down to watch. And then,


I actually grabbed Matthew’s arm without thinking when the first clock countdown appeared and said, “It’s back, baby!” I’m sure this season will be weak compared to some of the others. But that’s ok. It’s not like 24 purports to be like Mad Men. It’s entertaining, and I enjoy the ride. I like Benjamin Bratt and think he’ll be a good addition, but I found myself wishing for Tony Almeida to appear instead as I assume any chance I have of seeing my third favorite 24 character return is slim. Although if Tony did come back, they certainly wouldn’t spoil it by showing him in a preview, so my hope of seeing him return is restored!

So, besides the obvious enjoyment of the thrill ride that is 24, I had the following thoughts:

  1. Why did Ben-boy really think he had a chance of working a successful Jack interrogation? His Law & Order perps did not garner him the street cred he needed to manhandle someone like Jack. Didn’t Jack swallow a fast-acting toxin, while stepping on a live landmine, as lightning struck him, just as a nuke detonated 1 foot from where he stood? What kind of threat could ol’ cop Ben possibly scare him with?
  2. Why was Chloe styled to look like Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Because let’s face it, it was done much better the first time. We love Chloe. Don’t mess with her.
  3. It’s strange to see all of these second-generation actors begin to morph into their fathers. I think it’s time for name tags.




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