I can say from experience that lab puppies suck at telling time but seem to feel that they have a pretty good handle on it. Every hour or so depending on her nap schedule she finds me to give me her “It’s time!” face.

Feeding Time It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!

If I don’t take her seriously, she escalates to insistent barking and takes up her vigil near the bowl as a helpful reminder of the location where I need to place the food I should now be retrieving. And of course every now and then she’s right: a stopped clock you know. So that just proves to her that she’s on to something and I’m the one who’s having trouble with the telling of time. And with feeding time being the frenetic and hyperactive experience it currently is, I shudder to consider what happens when we drop down to two meals a day. I hope to be back at work when that occurs. It sounds like the perfect time for her to be alone. I’m sure she won’t pick up any destructive behaviors when faced with a missing midday meal.

Feed my skull resident...

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