So, it turns out there was a reason my brother was running around town with this period-appropriate hair for what seemed like eternity. He got the chance to be in this little film you might have heard about and played this pivotal role: Scene Extra #347.

Greg in "Lincoln"

I suppose he’ll forgive Daniel Day-Lewis’ neglecting to mention him in his Oscar acceptance speech. Danny spent an inordinate amount of time talking about Meryl Streep who wasn’t even in the movie. And certainly his speech was great, but he missed a prime opportunity to thank my brother for his contribution in that pivotal scene shown above. I’m sure my brother will forgive him however. Though I haven’t asked him directly, I imagine he was paid handsomely for his performance and he probably gets to attend at least some of Steve’s parties now that he’s part of his close circle of friends. Rock on, Greg!!

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  1. Reply

    Danny’s a blowhard. You should have seen him holding up five dollar bills between takes going, “Yeah? Yeah?! That’s me, beotch!!!”

    What hurts the most is Sally (Fields) totally snubbing me. Sure. I saw her monstrous trapezius muscles and decided to raid her Boniva stash thinking I could bulk up the same, but come on. That’s no way to treat a colleague!

    • stephanie


      Damn celebs! But for the record, you’ve been insufferable ever since this flick came out. What with your insistence that we call “your people” to make plans with you EVEN WHEN YOU ARE IN THE ROOM WITH US and that we avoid making eye contact with you in your presence. And, look, none of us have breathed a word about that infamous Vegas trip you took with the crew but word is bound to get out!! Have you seen #VegasDrunkenRevelry? They are bound to figure out who was involved….

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