I’m a champion awkward hugger. It’s really bad. I feel for those who have been forced to watch these clumsy embraces and still go about their daily business. But it must be catching because Lexi is an awkward hugger now, too. I am not sure how to tell her. It started out innocently enough. She’d put her arms/legs on our shoulders and put her face near ours and the problem was more a problem of breath. It’s ok. We’ve all dealt with some bad breath before. You just angle your face away and try to take shallow breaths in an alternate direction. Problem solved. But lately she’s been licking our hair and then taking tiny nibbles at our earlobes. This is a bit of a problem. It’s unwelcome. It must be stopped. But she’s cute. And she sneaks them in. And they don’t hurt. So, we let her get away with them because we don’t want to hurt her feelings. But I think we are going to have to hurt her feelings and tell her to stop. It’s just not right after all. And what if she nibbles a guest’s lobe. That’s bound to raise some sort of alarm…. I’ll concede that it’s going to be a difficult behavior to stop. She’s now started something we’ve coined the “backpack hug” where she grabs you from behind like a backpack and administers the same little nibbles on the earlobes. She’s good, I tell you. This dog has talent……strange and unnecessary talents.

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