I received a text yesterday out of the blue. It was a report card for Lexi. Apparently, she is attending school? A school 4 dogs? I’m so confused! I must say that I’m very disappointed in her math and biting grades, and I suppose I’ll have to consider a tutor. This is just so unexpected though. I didn’t even know she was in school. And I didn’t realize dogs worked on math. Also, she has picked up another middle name somewhere along the way. Dog was always her unofficial middle name, but now I see a certain party who shall remain nameless has decided to add Cute as well? It appears I’m just along for the ride, people.

DogLink- a school 4 dogs-

-Report Card-

Lexi Dog Cute Scott. Age 7 months

Obedience: B+

Fetch: A

Cuteness: A+

Math: D

Biting: D

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Lexie is perfect at being cute!! She is amazing at fetch! Great job with obedience!! Needs work with biting and math. I am very proud of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anna M. Scott
Obedience Teacher And Vice Principal

Feed my skull resident...

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  1. Amy


    Hmm. It seems your dog is cute, but bites others and is dumb. I find this to be a stereotypical description of females of the dog persuasion… and maybe some of the mean girls I went to high school with.

    If dogs can enroll in schools without our knowledge – why can’t they take a vacation so I don’t have to pay for kenneling. This is my question of the day…

    • Reply

      I like the idea of my dog, Lexi, taking a Lexi-funded vacation that dovetails with ours, since we just got back from vacation recently, and the money we had to hand over to the kennel made me weep.

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