Stupid dog. Stupid stupid stupid dog. Yeah, her face is unbearably cute. But her insistence that she can tell time is not cute at all. GOD! Now that the joyous exuberance that accompanies the day where I get an extra hour of sleep has faded, I’m left with my normal feelings of sadness and hopelessness as I stare down months of short days without enough sunshine and ridiculously cold temperatures barely warm enough to support human life. I hate this time of year! And now I get to add a crazy-ass dog who thinks that dinner time has moved up an hour to that cauldron of despair.

Yesterday was the initiation. What fun! She started barking and looking at me expectantly at 4. 4!!! I was able to battle her two-pronged attack for an hour, and I congratulated myself on surviving that long. Today, she was batshit crazy all day long because it was cloudy most of the day rendering her completely incapable of gauging the progress of the daylight hours. So, I got to enjoy hours of her barking her alarm that I had missed a vital item on my to do list and shooting me meaningful looks whenever I happened to walk too close to the kitchen which adjoins the room that houses her food bowls. By 3:00, she had removed the kitchen from the list of rooms I was allowed to peaceably operate in which really sucked because I didn’t have enough to eat for lunch and could really have used a snack.

I’m looking forward to 2:00 a.m. on March 9, 2014 with an intensity that scares even me.

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