Keeping in mind that our local birds’ nest was quite a bit more roomy just 5 days ago (Exhibit A), I imagine the conversation these days is quite a bit different since the nest is stuffed to capacity (Exhibit B below).

NOTE: They are all named George. For the backstory, see this post.

Exhibit B: Nest Overflow

Exhibit B: Nest Overflow

George I: Could I be more blurry? I’m in the foreground. I should be the center of attention with my pretty eye all highlighted. Geez, lady, you suck at photography. You should probably donate that bad boy and do us all a favor. Plus we are sick of you poking your stupid camera all up in our biz every few days. Get. a. life.

George III: Hey, do you guys hear something. George hears something. Is that the cicadas? George is pretty sure it’s the cicadas. They sound like that. Yes, they do. At least George thinks they do. George hasn’t actually met one of them.

George II: Would you two stop touching me?!? I’ve got your smelly bodies all up in my grill 24/7 and I’m now covered in your stank. I can’t get a moment’s peace with the chattering moron over here and the constant nightmare of your stupid feathers in my beak and eye. I seriously can’t take this anymore. I am officially no longer afraid of trying out this flying thing.

George III: Are you guys hungry? You heard the cicadas, right? George heard the cicadas. George hears them right now. Are they talking to George? George thinks they might be. George wishes George understood what they are saying. George is getting hungry. Hungry hungry hungry.

George II: Would you please shut up about the cicadas. And no, you don’t hear them right now. Also, you just ate, you fool.

George III: George sure does hear them. Right now right now. George thinks they sound tasty. George would like to try a cicada. You bet George would. Do you think we might eat one of those cicadas? George bets they crunch when you eat them. Wait, how big are those things? Are they big? They’re big aren’t they. Oh no, George is going to have a nightmare about giant cicadas now. George just knows it.

George II: Serenity now. <sigh>

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