When did waiters stop delivering the actual food to the table? The host/hostess delivers us to the table and gives us the menus. The wait staff should take it from there, right? But recently I’ve been noticing that the wait staff is busy taking a smoke break or something after taking our orders because the bus person is left to deliver our meals. I’d be fine with that if the waiter came by immediately after to make sure that everything was correct, but we’ve noticed that the waiter is nowhere to be found. Perhaps the waiter had to slip out to catch a movie? Or had to go grab a brew or something? We’re pretty healthy tippers, and I just want to make sure that our new favorite bus person is getting his share of the spoils since after that poor, sweating, stressed-out fellow delivers our food he’s sprinting off to deliver the next order and we never see him again. This inability to find our waiter does have its downside. JT and I ordered similar meals recently. I ordered a burger medium-rare and he ordered one medium. I was delivered a beautiful piece of meat (sincere apologies to the vegetarian/vegan set), and JT was given a hockey puck. Hockey pucks are inedible and even if you find a way to eat one, they are very unsatisfying. But we never saw our waiter again to rectify the situation until it was tip time. Hey waiter, here’s a tip. Be more accessible. It would have changed the tip we left you. We desperately searched for the bus person to leave him the remainder of your tip.

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