I took Anna to see Monsters University with a couple of her buddies, and, as with any Pixar release, the short that precedes the movie was one of the draws for me. I was surprised at how underwhelmed I was by The Blue Umbrella. To me it came off as saccharine and uninspired which is a huge surprise because I’m typically enchanted with them. YMMV as I’m old and jaded. Monsters University was a hit. It wasn’t as layered as some of the other Pixars, but it was very fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s such a treat to be able to take your kids to a movie that they love and realize at the end that at no point did you look at your watch. That sounded far more cynical than I intended. I look at my watch once or twice during movies I enjoy. I look at my watch CONSTANTLY at movies I loathe. If I haven’t looked at my watch at all, that’s a sign that the movie is good AND well-paced.

NOTE: Obviously I understand that the technical aspects behind The Blue Umbrella should be taken into account. So it’s not really fair for me to have only an emotional response to it without noting that technically it’s impressive. Like I said, I’m old and jaded.

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