I like big words and I cannot lie

I guess I should talk about the elephant in the room…um….server. I’m wordy. I like the words and the putting the words next to other words with some more words thrown in there for good measure. And I’m indulging myself a bit in some of the posts on this site because I’ve been doing technical writing for many years and you know how succinct and terse those sentences need to be. People don’t like to read user guides or technical manuals in the first place. When they finally have to do so as a final desperate measure after they’ve screwed things up so badly there’s just no other option, well, they need their info and they need it STAT. So don’t give them any adjectives, and if there’s a clause in there, it better be damn important! You know what? Just skip the subject altogether. They’ll take a predicate and you can imply the subject. When things are so bad that they’ve finally pulled out the manual, they know the subject “dumbass” is implied in the imperative sentences they have to follow to straighten their shit out.

Anyway, like I said I’m indulging myself on this site by taking some of my favorite words out for a spin. And, I’d really like to hear from you!! What words do you love? The soundtrack to this post is crickets chirping, isn’t it? I’m the only word nerd dumb enough to admit to it, right?

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