I pore over recipes. I find them endlessly fascinating and can sit down with a cookbook and read through it for an hour or so and be in heaven. I’m not even kidding you. However, when it comes to following a recipe, I’m not so good with that. I’m more of a “let’s wing it” type of person. I can have the recipe in front of me with all its measurements and ingredients, and I look at it and think, “OK, this is a good place to start.” I just get bored following it. And as you might guess, this leads to a lot of problems for someone who wasn’t born with the cooking gene. I wasn’t born with the cooking gene. So, when I cook a meal, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t because I’m never following a recipe. I might be following an idea or a theory or some thoughts on which ingredients might go together. My family sits down and carefully prepares their faces so as to reveal no trace of disappointment when they discover that the meal they are about to force down is so disgusting as to induce the gag reflex. When they discover that it is actually palatable, their relief is evident. When they discover the meal is actually delicious (this doesn’t happen often), well, I think the neighbors are aware that good things are taking place in the Scott household. Matthew is a consistently good cook, so I think the kids quietly breathe a sigh of relief when he’s in charge of the meal as they won’t have to face what feels like a spin of the wheel of chance to see if they are handed a plate of brilliance, a plate of mediocrity, or a plate of poo.

My SIL is a fantastic cook, and she not only reads recipes but also knows when to follow them, when to embellish them, and when to avoid them and create her own. She also gets the whole substituting this for that and brainstorming new ways to approach recipes. So, you know, my complete opposite. AND her blog is called Have Dessert First, so I think we all know that she’s got her priorities in order. Check out her blog and get lost in it like I do. It’s time well spent. Hopefully she and you will help me out with a problem I have. Hush Puppies! How about you guys share some recipes for them? Matthew has proven to be a very able hush puppy maker. He made some at the beach last week that were cooked to absolute perfection. My only problem was that the mix we used was savory and a bit bland. So, I figured we should make it from scratch because that’s bound to be a better way to go. We tried the Gullah Gourmet Hush Dem Puppies mix last year and it was a little bit sweet and I preferred it. I don’t know if it’s because of the sweetness or because it was just a better mix. Can I get some help from you guys?

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    Frankly, I’m impressed that you even attempt making them yourself! I never attempt anything that requires deep frying. I figure limiting myself as much as possible is a good thing. And heck! Do I order the hush puppies? No! I snatch a few off my kids’ plates. Fewer calories! Duh!

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      We’ve not branched out beyond the hush puppies yet. They’ve been so consistently good that I’m a bit puzzled at that actually. I would ultimately like to stick to hush puppies, shrimp, onion rings and egg/spring rolls. Those are the only things I’m really interested in frying. What is the difference between egg and spring rolls? I guess I’m going a-googling….

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