I like to keep it light here, but yesterday was a day of conflict avoidance that left my stomach churning and me wondering if kids’ sports are worth all the drama that comes with them. So, I thought I’d just spew it all out here and hope desperately that somebody could offer some tips for coping.

We all love our kids and want them to do well, so I know every one of us has the best intentions. But yesterday was a bit trying for me because I just want everyone to get along and act in everyone’s best interests. In one of JT’s matches the parents were tough to listen to as they made various comments during the match preceding and during JT’s match with their son. I was hopeful that our experience with that set of parents was our last bit of ugliness for the day. But later in the day a parent inserted herself into JT’s match at a critical juncture and dictated the outcome of the match. It was really disheartening.

I am just as guilty as the next parent of being competitive and wanting my child to succeed, but I don’t want to sacrifice the values I’m trying to instill in them. There’s got to be a way to navigate these situations in a much more effective way than I’m doing — which isn’t effective at all. I am wondering how I talk to my kids about this type of ugliness and try to take the focus off of it and try to control how it affects me. Do I need to meditate between matches? Take a lap? Do I actually have to get in there and confront other parents? It hasn’t come to that, right?

I think we’ve got the sportsmanship topic covered since we continually discuss this with the kids. Of course that is difficult for kids to navigate, but they need to learn how to do so. It’s really important to keep the parents out of the mix so that they can understand how to resolve any disputes.

Please chime in. I need help, and I know you guys are full of knowledge.

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  1. Sandi


    Once I told a dad at my son’s game that if he cussed at my child again that I would bury his body so deep a police dog wouldn’t be able to locate him. Nobody yelled at my kid again…. of course, no one sat near me on the bleachers either… WIN-WIN

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