You got into the wrong lane there, fella. You are now going to have to merge into our lane before your lane ends. Didn’t you see the sign? Maybe not. You appear to be texting, so it’s possible you were distracted. It happens. I’ll let you over. You don’t need to give me the finger. After all, you were the one who jumped into the lane that was ending so you could blow past all of us. After that didn’t work out so well for you, you’re blaming us. That’s not really fair though, is it? OK, OK. You’re obviously pretty mad about the whole matter. It appears that you think that the rest of us should quickly move over to the shoulder to allow you to pass freely. You’re clearly on a super important mission. It’s possible that you are an undercover emergency vehicle. We’re all sorry. We didn’t know that. Our sincere apologies. Carry on, sir. But do please stop hoisting that middle finger and yelling at us. We didn’t know we weren’t allowed to travel the same route as you. We’ll be more careful next time. Have a nice day.


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