I went to Anna’s Field Day on the 5th, and it brought back such great memories for me. I remember that we used to have classroom colored-tees just as they do now except ours were tie-dyed-tees that we did ourselves. I used to love tie-dying my own shirt for Field Day and waiting for the great reveal of my design after the rubber bands came off. That’s the one thing that’s lost these days as now we just order a t-shirt that’s got as much individuality and style as you’d expect from an online retailer that mass produces t-shirts for events like these. But otherwise, Field Day hasn’t changed all that much. I think we got to play dodgeball which I remember absolutely adoring, but which I think is verboten now, and I definitely remember the big canopy parachute thingamajig that we would swoosh up into the air and all run under, which admittedly sounds kinda lame when I describe it, instead of fun and magical as I remember it being. Hey, I was a kid. It was cool to me.

Sigh. I miss being a kid.

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