Obviously, I don’t want Federer to literally kill his opponents!! Come on, now! It’s trash talk, people. Last season was no bueno for this Fed fan, and I need some satisfaction. A Fed/Edberg mashup could be just the ticket. (YES, I know it’s on a trial basis. Stop trying to harsh my giddiness.) Now I’m certainly biased. After all I was a huge Edberg fan, so of course I’m going to back this pairing. But I do have some solid reasoning to fall back on.
To wit: (OK, truth? I’ve always wanted to use to wit because it’s so gloriously uptight…..settle down there, you little uptight word pairing.)

  • Edberg has a similar personality type to Federer. He’s very low-key and an all-around good guy. So there shouldn’t be a clash of personalities to get in the way of the meeting of the minds that I’m assuming Fed is going for here.
  • Edberg’s game style was exactly what I think Federer should be moving to. I’ve certainly been screaming this to my tv for a while now. Serve and volley, Fed! Or, more generally, just take the net away! It’d be nice to have it happen, so I can rest my voice. It’s just my opinion, of course. But Fed’s got magic hands and needs to be moving up to the net more. Though the courts slowed just as he came on the scene with a game more suited to the faster courts, he was able to dominate. But times have changed, and he needs to mix things up to win the slams. He’s still a step or three slower than the other biggies that he needs to vanquish to get one (or I’m sure in his mind, two) more slam title(s). So, Edberg’s serve and volley style of play is hopefully what he can sell to Fed. That plus the new racquet I’m hearing about should be helpful this year.
  • Edberg is the opposite of Becker. At least the Edberg I remember is certainly so. Becker seems awfully interested in the spotlight. He hasn’t shied away from the interviews since the announcement that he’s coming around to help the Djoker. But I can’t imagine similar behavior from Edberg. So, I’ll expect Edberg’s interests to be more aligned with Fed’s, and I expect that he might have something very valuable to offer in Federer’s quest for just one more seemingly elusive slam.

I’m certainly hoping it works out to Fed’s advantage. And, I, for one, will be delighted to see Edberg around again! You’ve been missed, Stefan!

Feed my skull resident...

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  1. stephen


    How did I miss this. Edberg helping Federer. That should bring good results. Don’t know to many Edberg fans out there…..

    • Reply

      How can you say that about not many Edberg fans?!? I’m horrified!! 😉 This Fed fan is hoping so badly for just one more good year. Just one more. Is that too much to ask? Is it? But new kid….new racquet….and aging legs….sigh. Help him, Edberg!! It’s GREAT to see you commenting here!!!! 🙂

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