Stupid Robredo crushed my…Federer’s dreams of an 18th grand slam title. For that, he can go and lose in the next round. I wished him nothing but good things until he beat Federer. No, there is no need to point out my hypocrisy and say that I obviously did not wish good things for him as I wanted Federer to beat him. I’m not trying to hear that. As I was saying, I wished nothing but good things for Robredo until he beat Federer IN STRAIGHT SETS, but now I want to see three bagels when he plays Nadal. Hmmmm. I should clarify. I want Nadal to beat HIM 6-0 6-0 6-0.

I’ve been a Federer fan since the start of his career, and I was telling Matthew that I feel so invested because I’ve been following him for so long. He feels like a friend of the family. So when he experiences a nasty loss like that, I take it far too personally. Don’t judge too harshly. I’ve seen some folks after football losses act similarly. My sport just happens to be less popular. Doesn’t mean I’m less invested.

Speaking of invested, I think some of the former players who are now commentating are still invested. They bring up the greatest player ever conversation so they can all assert that Federer isn’t the one. While I disagree, I understand other viewpoints. However, I find the arguments tiresome when they are purely agenda-based. I think former players are inherently unable to participate in the discussion. Courier, I’m looking at you based on some recent silliness though you certainly aren’t the only one. Come on, people are trying to argue that Nadal is the best ever right now? I think it’s entirely possible that in a few years we can make that argument. But now? Anyone making that argument right now is purely agenda-driven. And I adore Nadal who is playing some smokin’ hard court tennis now. So, there’s no hate here. Maybe we should shelve the conversation while major contenders are still playing so people can be more rational. For example, if you are throwing out Nadal’s name before Sampras, you’re clearly making some assumptions for the rest of his career despite Djokovic, as a similar argument could be made for him, IMO. I think Nadal could be that contender if I weren’t so worried about his proneness to injury. But let’s not forget Rog’s years of badassery just because he’s getting his ass handed to him these days.

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