And this guy did the deed. Look, I can’t deny the dude’s got game. I have eyes. Eyes that sport specs, sure, but the specs have seen that Gulbis dispatched my main man Rog by bringing out the crazy in set five after what might have been a nicely-timed medi-break in set four. But, the bottom line is that Gulbis beat Fed fair and square. And I wrote Gulbis’ name down on my list of people I will actively root against. Except that I’m finding myself oddly unable to commit fully to the anti-Gulbis team because of this.


Am I mistaken or don’t you have to root for the guy flinging his arms in the air like he just doesn’t care? He looks completely ridiculous, but I’d sure hate to be on the other side of the net after he unleashes one of those forehands. And I find myself thinking of ol’ Furyk over on the golf pro tour smirking to himself as he counts his fat stacks every time someone makes a snide remark about his golf swing. Maybe it’s time we celebrate these unconventional strokes instead of roundly panning them? (Full disclosure: I mocked the hell out of that forehand up there during the entirety of the Federer/Gulbis match. Yet, it made no difference in the outcome.) And that forehand up there? Is anything but conventional. Can you imagine playing him? I’d be constantly confused thinking he was raising his hand as if to ask a question, or pointing off in the distance at something that we should all be checking out. It would be totally distracting. Point, set, match, Gulbis. Ingenious!

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