Me: What is the shoebox doing in your floor, Anna?

Anna: It’s for the vote.

Me: What vote?

Anna: For the Secretary and President of Dogs vote.

Me: What? I don’t even know what that means.

Anna: For the Secretary and President of Dogs vote!

Me: You can keep stating it, but I still don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

JT: I don’t think she got a chance to vote. She doesn’t know what you are talking about.

Anna: It’s for the Secretary and President of Lexi. You know, I’m the Secretary and JT’s the President.

Interesting that she just decided to jettison the Vice President position. Must have figured it’s a figurehead or something. I don’t know what goes on in that head of hers. They were apparently running unopposed and weren’t even interested in soliciting the votes of all house occupants. The whole thing was clearly fixed.

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