Dominion Riverrock 2014

The weather was perfect; we didn’t have a tennis tournament to go to; so we headed out to Brown’s Island for the Dominion Riverrock festival. We hit the dog jumping first, because Lexi insisted. We were there during rookie time, so we got a taste of what Lexi will experience next year because we are definitely getting her up there in 2015. I love watching dogs doing everything except for restroom activities, so I think this was my favorite part of the day.

YellowLabDRR BlackLabDRR

We really enjoyed the whole festival. In a few days, I’ll post the video I took of an amazing kayaker facing off against a very high James River and making the rapids think twice about messing with him. It’s pretty cool stuff. But the main takeaway for me was that I take this town for granted far too much. I love living here. Sure, it’s definitely got it’s cons, but I really need to look at the pros more often and recognize how lucky I am.



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