I need to become part of a Speculative Squad.

Who’s with me? A group of people who want to hang out and discuss whatever is swirling in their brains. My brain is such an open organ. I’m inviting people in all the time.
Hey, wanna hear something weird? Grab a coffee. Let’s chat.

And I guess because I’m constantly all up in that gelatinous monster in my skull — Hey, while I’m here with a 💀 Happy Halloween! — I assume that people think the same way I do. I don’t know why. That doesn’t really make any sense. I am rooting around up in there so much that I’ve gotten comfortable with my trails of thought. No. Not trains. Train cars are connected. I think mine are more like trails. Think about when you’re hiking and you feel like you’ve kind of lost the trail for a minute or two? Maybe there are leaves and it’s a little confusing for a minute? Then you find the trail again. Yep. That’s how things are going up there. Anyway, as I was saying, I assume people work like I do up in their grey matter, and, most assuredly, they do not. For which they should be very grateful. And I want to take a peek. Browse the inner machinery of other brains and see what I’m missing. A guided tour. See how they’re making the sausage. I want to see how people process the important things. Not the latest diet trend. Sure, we can talk about it, if we must, but I’m really interested in what people think about … hmmm, how about this? I read that men are, to some, slightly unwelcome in the #metoo conversation. I have a #metoo stake. However, I’d argue [Ed. Note: Vociferously. Trust.🙄] that we ALL have a stake in #metoo.* I’m including men in that we. (Assange and the like can seriously go and sequester themselves on a deserted island right the fuck** now, however!) Now, there’s a shit ton of nuance that I’d go into in the discussion. But that’d be an interesting thing to hear others’ opinions on.

And not just that topic. There are so many things I’d love to discuss. How about:
  • Current events and how to navigate political discussions with people you disagree with but are logical and normal (Come on, you can’t discuss anything with the crazies on both sides of the political spectrum.);
  • Music that makes you stop whatever you’re doing and breathe it in, or lie down and let the lyrics punch you, or run or walk a little faster with an enormous grin on your face, or sing it at the top of your lungs, or dance furiously, or pantomime the lyrics;
    Shut up. I love music.
  • Books that affect you (beach reads need not apply);
  • Relationships;
  • Why did I start a list??? Jesus. What’s next? An agenda and a presentation??
    Dear Speculative Squad,
    Yes, I am a total loser. However, I wouldn’t want our hangs to be like this at all. I’d want them to be like someone just queued up Pink Floyd and everybody felt like they’d taken a major hit. OK? Please don’t kick me out of the Speculative Squad before I even get to join.
    P.S. I also promise never to tag any SS social media post with #squadgoals.
    P.P.S. I also also promise never to post anything related to SS if SS is a super secret Speculative Squad. If it is, for the sake of alliteration points, I recommend prepending Super Secret to the name. Thank you for your time.
    Speculative Squad Superfan
I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s what I want so much in my life. Interactions that matter.
I wonder often how many of us are looking for this type of connection with people. We’re so wrapped up in our relationships with our screens, or when we do get the chance to engage with people, we seem to be so worried about status that we forget that it’s really fucked up in the end. Who really cares who’s “winning” when shit’s so very real out there?

I don’t know. I may be crazy.

*I understand and sympathize with those who are triggered by #metoo. My intention is not to trivialize that in any way here with the lightness of my tone.
**Yeah. This post garnered more than its fair share of profanity. 

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  1. Stephanie Scott


    Hooray! Recruitment shouldn’t be too difficult, I’m thinking. Provided I’m not involved. Let’s keep the weird woman outta recruitment tasks. It’ll just scare off the cool crowd, and we’ll be stuck with the randos who’ve got nothing better to do. We’ll be left discussing snot and the latest names for junk. I’m positive we can do better than that. I’m assuming, Squad Member #2, that you’re all kinds of normal.
    P.S. I promise when nicks are assigned, you’ll not be saddled with #2.
    P.P.S. To any lurkers, the link is safe (I know Squad Member #2) but oh so bad on the eyes. You’re advised to avoid.

  2. Reply

    “I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s what I want so much in my life. Interactions that matter.”

    LOVE THIS. I feel the same way. You’re so awesome. Powerhouse. Such a fan.

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