I’ve found another source of food. I never received supplementation from any of you after my plea for your help when my human parents moved me to two meals a day. I spent weeks sulking about your betrayal. Then, I realized that it was unfair of me to ask for you to help me out when many of you were suffering the same fate. And then, last night, something amazing happened. I found something in the backyard. Something edible. It looked familiar. It looked like the stuff I think comes out of my rear from time to time. But it kinda smelled like my food and maybe a touch like something not quite right. But I soldiered on and took a taste. It tasted ok enough that I think this might be the answer to my hunger and maybe yours. I will say that I’m going to have to be very careful to make sure that my human parents don’t see me. My human dad caught me in mid-taste last night. It was late and dark, so he wasn’t sure what I was up to until I had scarfed down a couple of bites. When he figured it out, guys, he was NOT happy. He was disgusted!! And my human mother is not so good with this type of thing. She will totally have to control a gag reflex. If I can take advantage of the timing, I might be able to scarf a few of ’em down while she’s gagging. Then, she’ll be furious, but by that point, I’ll have had a snack. I wish they didn’t scoop that stuff so often. Maybe I can figure out a way to hide it….

Feed my skull resident...

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