So, look, I’m freelancing and very delighted to be doing so. Don’t get the wrong idea, people. That post title is between me and the germ-tube, and me and the germ-tube ONLY. Hey, germ-tube, “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!” Anyway, as I made my way through the germ-tube of derision that stood between me and my place of glorious biz (come on, you know that germ-tube is so totally mocking us as it makes

I’m not a fan of sleeping in bedtime attire. Yeah, I know. You didn’t ask for this type of information, and my brain….well….she’s definitely not authorized to share it with you. But that’s how she rolls. I’ve said it before, (look to the right: mobile peeps, scroll down) and I’ll say it again. I’m just typing what she tells me to. Anyway, this is a purposeful segue to discuss the reason why I eschew bedtime garb, and rally the troops. Soon,

So, we have a big cycling event coming to our little hamlet soon. Yes, I’m taking liberties because I like the word hamlet. And I got wind of a job called the Course Marshal which got me very excited. Apparently, you can volunteer to be one of these people who directs competitors and holds traffic. Basically, you are the ruler of your assigned part of the course. I’m all about that. Matthew got to hear how very excited I am to

I have a wee addiction to ye olde tech. And by wee, I mean giant. And by tech, I mean anything that requires a manual that I could have written but would certainly not be caught dead reading. And off we go. It’s hip to be square. Right? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Published on May 31, 2013 I’m pathetically dependent on my cell phone.  It’s so bad I take it on walks with me. Which is a damn good

You know when you have those kinds of days that don’t seem to have a thread of connectivity running through them to ground you? So, you’re kind of like the tasmanian devil dude spinning around everyone, and …. Look, let’s just be honest. I was manic today. And it’s Tuesday. So, according to The Bangles, I can’t even do manic correctly. But anyway. It was a wild kind of day. Rollercoastery. No, spellcheck. Rollercoastery, NOT rollercoasters. I’ll write my own

I haven’t asked Matthew if he thinks this is a possibility or even a probability because I think he would agree so wholeheartedly that I would probably get my feelings hurt a little bit. Well, maybe a lot. Then I’d be walking around all Charlie Brown-like for a few days, and it’s hard to be super productive when you’re Charlie Browning it. I mean you’re head’s all droopy. You’re probably running into things, so you’ve got bumps all over your head and