Our furnace has entered our family into a scientific experiment without asking our permission first. And I KNOW I didn’t sign any waiver indicating my acceptance of a frozen state as a consequence of participating (UNWILLINGLY) in this stupid medical trial. You’ve overstepped your bounds, furnace!! But regardless, we are running an experiment all the same as we await a replacement part for our furnace. So now we meet every descent down to the first floor with a quick rundown of the best, most

I’ve stopped performing car concerts. For good. Well, that’s unlikely. For now. Sure, I miss belting out the lyrics (mostly I use the original lyrics, but sometimes I substitute new ones) and adding kick-ass dance moves as necessary. It’s one of my favorite car pasttimes, and I don’t even mind the stares I receive from fellow travelers. But I’ve found something I enjoy even more. At least for now. It’s Comedy Central Radio, and it has given me a whole new

So, I’m watching the scene with my precious Kenny and my mouth drops. I was actually hoping for a dream sequence to close that scene though I abhor those machinations generally. I’ll take it if it means that Kenny’s spared that injury and indignity. Anyway, Kenny’s line, “Chevy’s killing me,” doesn’t feel quite that hyperbolic after that scene. Poor Ken. Pete is perfect for that account and will finally get a chance to use that .22 of his. Speaking of

Well, that episode was kind of a big deal. And the walls come crashing down!! I wish it hadn’t fallen to Sally to bring Don’s recently-constructed glass house to the ground. She’s been let down so many times by the adults in her life, and I had hoped that her glimpse into Roger and her step-grandmother’s sexual side might be her last inappropriate brush with the secret lives of grown-ups. I can’t imagine her healing from this enormous betrayal by

I watched The Killing before I watched Mad Men and it totally threw me off my game. And this episode of Mad Men was packed with things I wanted to address, but I don’t have time to watch the episode again to catch them all. So here’s what I have for this week: Don tries his hand at what I’m calling a suicide attempt regardless of the fact that he was on a bad trip (no, I’m not trying to

I love Arrested Development, but I am not as devoted a fan as the numbers of them that binge-watched Sunday when the new season dropped on Netflix, and now I’m in a bit of a quandary. Because I’ve seen what they’ve been saying on Twitter and elsewhere. And it doesn’t look good folks. I want to know what happens with the Bluths, but right now I’m in happy land where the show was awesome right up to the end. I