I can’t discuss the results of the US Open. The tennis US Open, golf fans. There’s one for tennis, too. Yes, I’m totally serious. Could we maybe start inserting the sport category into the sporting event from this point forward? I’d hate to be discussing my deep distress over the results of this year’s US Open and get into some sort of argument about Spieth. Because I like Spieth, and I rooted for Spieth. And, wait, how did this become

You know when you have those kinds of days that don’t seem to have a thread of connectivity running through them to ground you? So, you’re kind of like the tasmanian devil dude spinning around everyone, and …. Look, let’s just be honest. I was manic today. And it’s Tuesday. So, according to The Bangles, I can’t even do manic correctly. But anyway. It was a wild kind of day. Rollercoastery. No, spellcheck. Rollercoastery, NOT rollercoasters. I’ll write my own

I have so many blogs to write. Two in particular are eating away at me because they are so delayed as to be almost ridiculous to produce at this point. Mad Men is over. I’m sure nobody cares to discuss anymore, but I still have so many feels about it that I’m going to write my blogs about the final two episodes anyway. But this post is about the fact that despite Monica Seles being stabbed during a tennis match TWENTY

I’m a huge tennis fan. Some people might say I’m a rabid fan. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that, I would imagine that if I bit you, you might get a shot. “Doc, she was foaming at the mouth. Well, not foaming per se, but there was a suggestion of foam. A touch o’ the foam. Foam-like. Foamish. Just give me the damn shot, doc.” Yes, I’m going somewhere with this. Settle. So, I friended JT’s tennis coach who was

And this guy did the deed. Look, I can’t deny the dude’s got game. I have eyes. Eyes that sport specs, sure, but the specs have seen that Gulbis dispatched my main man Rog by bringing out the crazy in set five after what might have been a nicely-timed medi-break in set four. But, the bottom line is that Gulbis beat Fed fair and square. And I wrote Gulbis’ name down on my list of people I will actively root