Keeping in mind that our local birds’ nest was quite a bit more roomy just 5 days ago (Exhibit A), I imagine the conversation these days is quite a bit different since the nest is stuffed to capacity (Exhibit B below). NOTE: They are all named George. For the backstory, see this post. George I: Could I be more blurry? I’m in the foreground. I should be the center of attention with my pretty eye all highlighted. Geez, lady, you suck

What is up with the combover love in middle schoolers? I’m sure it can be traced back to the Bieb, but he’s upgraded his hairstyle and hasn’t worn that for years. I just don’t get it. It is not flattering, and I’ll assume we don’t have a follicular failure that necessitates the imitation of Donald Trump, so I’m at a complete loss. What questionable looks will they be sporting next? Black socks pulled up to the knees with white walking

If you are a ‘Breaking Bad’ fan and you have ever played one of the LEGO games, you are probably going to be watching this as I did…..gleefully. I had a giant grin on my face and found myself clapping my hands unconsciously at multiple points because of the attention to detail. Certainly Donald Trump knew he wasn’t going to come out on top in a skirmish with Jon Stewart, right? But he didn’t let common sense get in the