What? Don’t you think angels have to style their hair? OK, you’re probably right. Whatever, angels, all having things happen automagically because of the heaven thing. You don’t know from hair problems. Annnnnnyyyyyyyyway, I bought a travel kit of DevaCurl products because my hair is addicted to those magic potions after only a couple of months and won’t look right with any other products. The DevaCurl Set It Free spray was included and I used it to freshen up my

I pore over recipes. I find them endlessly fascinating and can sit down with a cookbook and read through it for an hour or so and be in heaven. I’m not even kidding you. However, when it comes to following a recipe, I’m not so good with that. I’m more of a “let’s wing it” type of person. I can have the recipe in front of me with all its measurements and ingredients, and I look at it and think,

I have two food items that I can’t seem to get enough of this time of year. One is not at all controversial. It’s my favorite fruit mix. Everyone has a fruit mix preference, and mine is cantaloupe, strawberries and blueberries. I sometimes add some other fruits in like blackberries and kiwi to keep things interesting, but this is my go to base. I could eat this every day and I come pretty close to doing so this time of

Over the past few years, I’ve seen people dancing in commercials to promote carpets, grills, decking materials, feminine hygiene products and now something called Tena. I’m still not even sure what that product is. I quickly flip to another channel because the music makes me search for an icepick to insert repeatedly into my ear hoping to make contact with my eardrum. I don’t get why watching these people dance awkwardly is supposed to inspire consumers to part with their

You got into the wrong lane there, fella. You are now going to have to merge into our lane before your lane ends. Didn’t you see the sign? Maybe not. You appear to be texting, so it’s possible you were distracted. It happens. I’ll let you over. You don’t need to give me the finger. After all, you were the one who jumped into the lane that was ending so you could blow past all of us. After that didn’t