NOTE: Spoilers Below!!!   I love the madness of the second Monday at Wimbledon and, though this year is a little different from previous years since some of the notables are missing, my excitement level is just as high. I’ve healed from the loss of Fed, Jo Willy, Sharapova and Rafa, and I’m enjoying all of these close matches. Of course there was a GIANT upset today. I just finished watching that match, and I must admit that I’m charmed

So Wild Wednesday at Wimbledon happened, and I needed a few days to grieve. That’s a sign that I’m way too invested in Fed’s success in the majors if I can’t watch any of the Wimbledon matches (ANY OF THEM!!) for three days (THREE DAYS!!) because I’m mourning the fact that his grand slam quarters streak ended and he won’t be featured in any more Wimbledon matches this year. I’ve followed his career from the onset, and I know he’s

When I was a teen, we took a trip to the New England states. We had breakfast at some joint in Nantucket where they mocked the way I talked while I tried to order my breakfast. I foolishly dropped a stray y’all in during the ordering process, and the onslaught began and continued throughout the entire breakfast experience. And it burned. For years. I was just an impressionable teen after all. (My brother has a picture of me taken soon

Yeah, I know this story broke ages ago in the digital world. Geez, I really need to be on my best behavior now. Stupid NSA. Yes, you guys. I know you might be reading this. Look, I’m as vanilla as they come. Why you even bother checking out my shit, yo. Now I’m going to have to be really careful about my browsing behavior since it’s possible that some of my queries could be misconstrued. You need context, people. You can’t

If you are a ‘Breaking Bad’ fan and you have ever played one of the LEGO games, you are probably going to be watching this as I did…..gleefully. I had a giant grin on my face and found myself clapping my hands unconsciously at multiple points because of the attention to detail. Certainly Donald Trump knew he wasn’t going to come out on top in a skirmish with Jon Stewart, right? But he didn’t let common sense get in the

1. Stephen Colbert is Captain of Team Awesome!! His response to the Boston tragedy really was spot on. 2. ‘Breaking Bad’ is not coming back until August 11! ACK! Here’s a chat with some of the cast members to whet our appetites. 3. Oopsies! New Hampshire state Rep. Peter Hansen decided the word women was too boring and overused and decided to spice things up by using the word vaginas in its place (or rather, vagina’s) in an email response