Prince. Of course. But it’s not the post I had originally written.

I wrote a Prince post 7 months ago. It wasn’t ready for publishing. Some things happened that interrupted the posting of it. Private revelations. So, I put it on hold then, and it’s been waiting in my drafts for a certain album anniversary so I could post it. To post it now though would seem even more self-indulgent, and “Hey, look at me. I’m suffering.” than this one does. His family and friends are suffering. The rest of us are feeling the loss of an inspirational musician. We’re not feeling what those who were close to him are feeling. It’s really grotesque to assume that we are. Anyway, I’m not writing great literature on this blog, so I’m obviously not mourning the loss of a ridiculous blog post. But it was an earnest one: extremely rare for me. Prince was an incredibly large influence in my life when I was young, and when I was not so young. His loss cannot and should not be minimized because he was beautiful and deliciously controversial. He was a genius: full stop. Sure, I lusted after him. I was young enough that I wasn’t even quite sure what to do with all of that. I thought Prince was unbearably hot. Like everyone else. Because he was. And then there was his music. The music that he created with so little input from others that to have the chance to work with him in even the most limited-capacity (which, let’s face it, a limited capacity was the only real option with all that he brought to the table) must have been awe-inspiring. Prince’s music checks off every single box. [Ed. Note: Yes, she knows.] So, yesterday was the day for me that Michael Jackson fans experienced when they heard about Jackson’s death. That’s how I felt upon hearing that Prince had died. And, I mean no disrespect. Michael Jackson was certainly ridiculously influential. But I felt a personal loss when Prince died. Michael Jackson was my crush. Prince was my lover.

So yesterday sucked. It started out badly. I had two interactions with “All Good” guy at work before I had a chance to enter a caffeinated state. Trust me, that’s intolerable. There was a third “All Good” assault, and after I successfully negotiated my departure from that, I learned that Prince had died. After that, my perspective shifted. If I’d seen “All Good” guy after that, I doubt I’d have even registered his presence.

The good news? This is how I ended my day.


My kid is in the front row on the far left.

And this is how they sounded.

So, “All good” guy? Go ahead and say it. “IT’S ALL GOOD!” Yes, people. He speaks in all caps. Trust. And while I can’t agree that it’s all good, I can agree that honoring and celebrating His Purple Majesty is better than getting lost in gratuitous grieving.

My Favorite Bands: The Police

It’s only fair that I start with this band. It’s been my longest love affair, after all. I discovered The Police on my own, and they received my adoration for a full four years before I transferred some of my devotion to The Smiths and demoted The Police to second place, so I could give Morrissey the attention he deserved. I cursed MTV for not airing their videos more often. You did NOT want to be the person who interrupted me during any viewing of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” because Sting delivering that devilish grin of his at 3:12 was just pure hotness. I considered any interruptions to be punishable by days of sullen teenage acting out. I’m not exaggerating as much as you’d think. It’s not like we had DVR shit back then, people. I had to wait for the video to run again. It was the DARK AGES!!
Favorite Album: Regatta de Blanc
Favorite Album: Zenyatta Mondatta [Ed. Note: I had to override the choice. I’ll probably be back to override again with Ghost in the Machine. So gloriously atmospheric. But those are the ones in a basic 3-way tie.]

My Favorite Songs: St. Vincent: Cheerleader

She’s great in concert. Spectacular. I’m so glad I got to see her at a fun venue here in my city. But, try not to listen too closely to her banter on the off chance that she’s not feeling the love for your hometown. Because that’s going to sting a bit. Come on, Annie, we’re not all (or even hardly any of us???) Shirley MacLaine-loving weirdos. I’m not sure where that strange misconception came from.

This song is flawless. I watch this performance and can only hope the young girls singing those lyrics so passionately are doing so because of the meaning behind them.

My Favorite Songs: World Party: Give It All Away

Many moons ago, this band opened for 10,000 Maniacs. After this band finished their set, I knew that I was going to buy every CD they’d released. Then, 10,000 Maniacs started their set and sucked so hard that I didn’t bother wasting my energy and ears on it. I never listened to another 10,000 Maniacs song willingly again, and World Party remains a favorite. This, people, is why every band should choose warm-up acts pretty carefully.