You know when you have those kinds of days that don’t seem to have a thread of connectivity running through them to ground you? So, you’re kind of like the tasmanian devil dude spinning around everyone, and …. Look, let’s just be honest. I was manic today. And it’s Tuesday. So, according to The Bangles, I can’t even do manic correctly. But anyway. It was a wild kind of day. Rollercoastery. No, spellcheck. Rollercoastery, NOT rollercoasters. I’ll write my own

I’m going to hold back the number of times I’ve seen ‘Pitch Perfect’ until someone answers the question posed in the post title. Particularly since that number represents active viewings. Meaning that I’ve sought it out instead of just happening upon it in mid-airing. So it’s purposeful, people, and I’ll confess to having seen it more than five times. All since about a month ago, which is the first time I saw it at all. Yes, I missed it when

Of course, I’m talking about the Despicable Me minions since they are seriously entertaining little dudes. I need some of those little fellas in my household. Don’t we all? Of course we do. I would want to have a limited number of them, and I think it goes without saying that I want nothing to do with the purple hellions. I’d say no more than 6 because they can be awfully destructive, and I think you could contain the destruction

I took Anna to see Monsters University with a couple of her buddies, and, as with any Pixar release, the short that precedes the movie was one of the draws for me. I was surprised at how underwhelmed I was by The Blue Umbrella. To me it came off as saccharine and uninspired which is a huge surprise because I’m typically enchanted with them. YMMV as I’m old and jaded. Monsters University was a hit. It wasn’t as layered as

We rented This is 40 at my insistence because I thought it would be a slam dunk with Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd and the bonus of a little Melissa McCarthy. These folks are all comic geniuses in my book, and I assumed I was in for another comedy like these favorites of mine: Bridesmaids, The Change-up, Horrible Bosses, and the Wedding Crashers. But oh my wasted time no! I think it’s a stretch to even consider it a comedy. I spent the majority

So, it turns out there was a reason my brother was running around town with this period-appropriate hair for what seemed like eternity. He got the chance to be in this little film you might have heard about and played this pivotal role: Scene Extra #347. I suppose he’ll forgive Daniel Day-Lewis’ neglecting to mention him in his Oscar acceptance speech. Danny spent an inordinate amount of time talking about Meryl Streep who wasn’t even in the movie. And certainly