This dude is so freaking funny. I have worked my way through his entire blog. And I got to his beard maintenance post… No, funny people, I don’t need to maintain MY beard, wankers. Sorry for calling you wankers. You hurt my feelings and I retaliated like a small child. I was wrong. Stop giggling about the beard maintenance though. For real. I can still hear you snickering. Anyway, I was hee hawing my way through the post when I

I am the world’s worst packer. Ask anyone. Well, that won’t yield you much information since almost nobody knows me. So don’t ask anyone. Unless you know any of my family members. If you know any of my family members, DEFINITELY ask them. They can certainly tell you how very much I suck at packing. Some of them have suffered in some way due to my deficiency. If there was a competition devoted to world’s worst packer? I’d totally be

I like to keep it light here, but yesterday was a day of conflict avoidance that left my stomach churning and me wondering if kids’ sports are worth all the drama that comes with them. So, I thought I’d just spew it all out here and hope desperately that somebody could offer some tips for coping. We all love our kids and want them to do well, so I know every one of us has the best intentions. But yesterday

When I was a teen, we took a trip to the New England states. We had breakfast at some joint in Nantucket where they mocked the way I talked while I tried to order my breakfast. I foolishly dropped a stray y’all in during the ordering process, and the onslaught began and continued throughout the entire breakfast experience. And it burned. For years. I was just an impressionable teen after all. (My brother has a picture of me taken soon

Y’all….. I watched the entire season of ‘MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals’ in one day. I heard that there’s a new season coming up in July and was inspired to search On Demand to see if I could find the previous season. And I did. I love watching these crazy characters compete against each other in all sorts of challenges I know I would never have the courage to attempt particularly with the horrendous hangovers I know these people are bound to

I hate feet AND those stupid, stupid toes. The little piggy shtick? Useless. You can’t make up this little ditty and negate the nastiness associated with feet. Also, why do toes always need to be all flappy and attention-hoggy. Stay still you little turds. You are annoying and you need to stop drawing attention to yourselves. If your feet are bare and in my vicinity, I’m not paying attention to anything you are saying because I’m casting surreptitious glances at