The last post with no real purpose served me well because I wanted to get some junk out of my head that was taking up real estate, so I’m doing it again. But this isn’t going to be a habit. I’m reasonably certain. You, however, should be pretty certain I’m lying. Here come the bulleted items, people! Yay. Federer is out of the French. However, Nadal is also out of the French. So, I’m going to call this even because

Remember I told you my blog is two years old and change? And remember I said I’d be re-running some oldies for fun. In case anybody (Translation: my massive amounts of viewer — Nope, didn’t miss the plural there. There IS no plural there.) missed these posts and felt this nagging feeling that he/she had missed a chance to waste some time reading something that had nothing of value to add to his/her life? Remember that? Well, here you go. And that’s

I was going to throw together a helpful infographic for this one showing the important things to avoid if you’ve got curly hair. But then I remembered all the text I would need to fit on it, and I realized that an infographic couldn’t contain the sheer enormity of it all. I also realized that I should probably apply for the title of Queen of Verbosity. There is probably some sort of sash and tiara combo that goes along with that, but whatever.

I’m a wee bit particular about my sleeping conditions. You know that story about the Princess and the Pea? I could have been the inspiration for it. Not that I’m a princess. I’m chill about some things. But not about my sleeping conditions. So, if you’re planning on putting a pea under my mattress? I’m going to know. Well, wait. Is it a frozen pea? That’s probably really the only way I’d know. I’d know about a frozen pea. A

So, I’m working busily a couple of days ago. Busily working. Busy busy busy. Productive as all get out. And I hear someone walking by saying, “When a problem comes along…” And my brain got very very excited and immediately supplied me with “…you must whip it” and insisted that my mouth produce it. So I ran with it. Come on, it’s Devo. And the two of us (plus my brain shouting in my poor, sad head) ran with a couple

Look, I get that you can’t have stall doors open outward in public bathrooms. At least most of them need to open inward so people don’t get cold-cocked left and right when all they’re trying to do is attend to an errand. You have a bunch of stall doors opening out instead of in, and there’s a bunch of bodies laying there on the tile (EW!!!!) watching little blue birdies twirling ’round their noggin while they try to return their