I wrote a Prince post 7 months ago. It wasn’t ready for publishing. Some things happened that interrupted the posting of it. Private revelations. So, I put it on hold then, and it’s been waiting in my drafts for a certain album anniversary so I could post it. To post it now though would seem even more self-indulgent, and “Hey, look at me. I’m suffering.” than this one does. His family and friends are suffering. The rest of us are feeling

I used to tell the kids stories before bed. Anna, in particular, used to love them. I’d start at point A and move to point B using a rambling plot that never made much sense until the story ended. But I never started the story with a plot in mind. I’d start with one character. Then I’d just build from there on the fly, speaking the words as my brain supplied them. My only restriction for a story would be that

The last post with no real purpose served me well because I wanted to get some junk out of my head that was taking up real estate, so I’m doing it again. But this isn’t going to be a habit. I’m reasonably certain. You, however, should be pretty certain I’m lying. Here come the bulleted items, people! Yay. Federer is out of the French. However, Nadal is also out of the French. So, I’m going to call this even because

My daughter will be doing some of the pictures for an upcoming infographic, but working with her has its challenges as she’s an opinionated 9yo with her own (unrequested) take on what I’m going for. Me: I need a graphic of a baby, a preschooler, and a school-age kid. Anna: Can they be aliens? Me: No. Anna: How about giraffes? Me: Yeah, that’s also a no. Anna draws a prototype of the baby. With a tail. And a horn. Oh yes, and wings.

It seems that I’m living with one of the next great minds. My daughter comes up with something out of the ordinary every day, and her ideas are just strange enough to be brilliant, albeit unconventional, solutions to all sorts of situations or problems. For example: “The chickens are shining their shoes with French cheese!!!!!!!” – my 9yo daughter #mykidisweirdlyawesome — Stephanie Scott (@scottsteph) April 19, 2014 It would have to be a hard cheese, of course. You’re not getting

Dogs really enjoy playing hide and seek. Many humans also enjoy playing hide and seek. But humans are smart enough to know that being “It” sucks. Dogs think being “It” is exciting and they feel all smug and giddy about this important position that has been bestowed upon them. This sets up a perfect scenario. Plus dogs are just terrible at hiding. You’ll be covering your eyes all counting while everyone is hiding, and half the time your loyal canine