Um, I’m a little concerned. Or, I don’t know if I should be concerned. OK, I’ll tell you the situation, and you tell me if I should be concerned. I was at the vet’s office getting a check-up after my visit to the joint and I heard my human mom talking to the doc about some “procedure” that was coming up. I heard them talking about how this “procedure” used to result in an overnight stay for the dog, but now the dog can go home the same day. Then the conversation became a little alarming. The doc said this was because the drugs used to make the dog throw up, and so it was important to have someone checking on the dog to make sure that the STITCHES didn’t come out when the dog threw up. Let me say that again: STITCHES!!! Does anyone know what “procedure” this is and if I should be planning to run away from home? I want no part of these STITCHES, and this “procedure” is scheduled for July 16th so I need to get some planning done pretty quickly if I need to vamoose.

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