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Fascinating. Skyler says they’ll need to put Jesse down to ensure that their family will be safe. And after seeing her game face in handling the Ted Beneke situation, I wasn’t surprised to see her jump to that conclusion so quickly. Walt’s reaction to this and to Saul’s identical suggestion is curious. He’s vehemently opposed, but I don’t think it’s so much because he cares about Jesse and is trying to protect him. I think that version of Walt is suppressed. This version of Walt is against putting Jesse down because he thinks he can fix it. He thinks he can talk Jesse out of turning him in and control his actions because Walt thinks he is omnipotent. And, of course, if Walt is unable to prevail, he certainly will go the route that Skyler and Saul are proposing though it will pain him to do so.

Could Hank be Jesse’s new father figure? Nah, he’s just using him to take down Walt. Hank’s a bit worse than Walt in my book, and I’m shocked to say it. But to hear him say that if Jesse gets plugged it will be ok because they can get it on tape and still nail Walt was very sad indeed. Poor Jesse. He can’t get any love. Someone please give Jesse some love! It was funny how Jesse punched Hank and Gomez in the gut with the statement that Walt was smarter than they are. You could see in Hank’s reaction how much that hurt. He still can’t believe that he’s being bested by his nerdy BIL. And when Jesse blows their plan by calling Walt and changing up the game on them, I was reminded that Jesse is the best idea man of the three when it comes to Walt. He’s lived in Walt’s world and knows the buttons to push. And though Hank clearly sees Jesse as nothing more than a druggie loser with nothing to offer, he has been the idea man a couple of times during his association with Walt. Remember, the magnet idea was his brainchild.

I’m going to be really pissed if Jesse isn’t left standing when this is all over, and if it’s Todd’s stupid uncle who does the deed, I’m going to be even angrier.

Hey, who writes HEISENBERG on the wall of Walt and Skyler’s house? So much to look forward to! I’m so excited, and yet so sad that it’s coming to an end soon.

Feed my skull resident...

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  1. kathe


    I still think that what Walt feels for Jesse is genuine. Twisted and frought with manipulation, but still genuine. I wonder why? I think Walt loves Jesse more than he loves Junior.

    You’re right – Hank is worse than Walt when it comes to using Jesse. Did you notice that Jesse wasn’t even offered any food before Hank started the camera rolling? I hope Jesse enjoyed some of Marie’s non-scabby lasagna at some point during the day.

    My plan is to take Jesse into my home and give him the TLC he is craving.

    • Reply

      I agree with you that Walt does care about Jesse. I hate that the affection he feels for Jesse carries such a hefty price for Jesse. I can’t disagree with you that Walt loves Jesse more than Junior and that fact really disturbs me. I guess it speaks to how much Walt needs to fix people. If people don’t need fixing, they aren’t going to be as special to him. Maybe that is part of what makes him so broken, too. That need to fix others morphs into his need to control them and that morphs into his need to control EVERYTHING? Eh, what in the hell do I know. I am still working out the Walt/Heisenberg split, and I can’t tell who is driving some of the time. But I am sure you have ideas on that. Please share!

      Yes, bring Jesse home. Feed him and find him a nice little circle of friends. Not that Skinny Pete and Badger are bad guys. He could probably just use some friends with a little more to offer.

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